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Produced in Australia as an introductory film by Bill Le Page.  Edited by Steven Hein and Harriet Clutterbuck.  Script by Wendy Borthwick.  Music by Richard Lockwood and Robert Welsh.

The DVD is in NTSC format.









Avatar Meher Baba’s Mandali & Beloved Mehera

In the early 70’s Paul Comar from France filmed Meher Baba’s mandali at Meherazad, Meherabad and Ahmednagar.  For those who knew them at that time it is a wonderful trip down memory lane.  For those who did not meet Beloved Mehera, Mani and the other mandali (including Francis and Padri), it is a chance to get to know them through Paul's footage.  The film is accompanied by his interpretative piano.









Eternal Beloved

This is a very special and intimate portrait of Baba.

The DVD begins with colour footage of Baba striding along, beaming at people, hugging children and giving prasad.  What comes through constantly is the intimacy that Baba gave to all those He reached; the film shows Him touching and caressing individuals all the time, giving out to them without ceasing, His acceptance of all.

Mani, His sister, talks about His gestures, the one for love being the same as for forgiveness, a welling up from inside and giving up. Another of His disciples, Dr Goher talks about the infinite compassion in Baba's eyes, the ocean of forgiveness. They both emphasise His beauty and His fragrance - the glow of divinity that emanated from Him.

Several of the key themes that Baba gave out are focussed upon: the suffering that the Avatar undergoes on behalf of all humanity, Baba's work "Mastery in Servitude", and the goal of bringing spiritual freedom to all.

Eruch Jessawala, another of Baba's main disciples, speaking from Mandali Hall at Meherazad, says that Baba asked people to remember one thing "I have not come to teach but to awaken".  It is a pleasure to have these reminders of what Baba is, done in such a joyful light way through the focus on Baba as intimate.

This is an excellent and lovingly crafted DVD from Stephen Edelman with a narration by Charles Haynes.

Colour format NTSC .









God in Human Form

This is a comprehensive yet concise biographical documentary of the most spiritually dynamic personality of this age, Avatar Meher Baba.  Through the creative use of rare photographs, film footage and unique selections of music - including pieces composed by Meher Baba himself - the elements are woven together to present a clear perspective of this most remarkable life.

This DVD is in NTSC format.


Comments by people who purchased this DVD:

“If you're looking for an intriguing & profound overview of Baba's 'way & work' then this film really hits all the right notes. Except maybe for one song [in my opinion] on the soundtrack that made my teeth grind, otherwise it's pretty hard to fault. Provocative and stirring.”










This is a wide-ranging introduction to Meher Baba, including narration by Eruch Jessawala, as well as brief appearances by Baba’s sister Mani, long-time disciple Padri, and Rano, plus historical footage of Meher Baba taken from a variety of sources.  The narration and historical footage is interspersed with scenery of 1976 rural India.

As the film moves forward in time, it describes the influx of Western spiritual seekers who came after Meher Baba dropped His body and ends with the 1976 Amartithi celebrations.  It contains musical contributions by Pete Townshend, Jeff Mylett, Richard Lockwood among many others.  The original 16 mm film was produced in 1977 in Australia and show on television.

This DVD is in NTSC format.









Happy Birthday Darling Mehera

Meher Baba's sister Mani wrote, "As Sita was for Ram, Radha for Krishna, Mary for Jesus, for this Advent of Meher Baba, it is Mehera who plays the leading role.  This role, of being the chosen counterpart to the God-Man, amounts to the highest, purest, most spiritual relationship, consisting of a divine love which the world cannot imagine."

This 35 minute film is a stirring collection of old, rare, and more recent stills and film footage of Baba, Mehera, the Women Mandali and others, beautifully set to the music of Buz Connor, Al Jolson, Margaret Bernstein, Jamie Newell, Katie Irani and others.

Directed by Kacy Cook, edited by Robert Fredericks.

This DVD is in NTSC format.









His Ways Are Unfathomable

This film was recorded in Mandali Hall during the pilgrim season of 1991.  Eruch Jessawala recollects many fascinating incidents from his life with Meher Baba.  Since many of Eruch’s stories had already been documented in print form, the aim of this DVD was to document specific renderings of these stories and to recreate, within the limits of the technology at hand, the quality of Eruch’s voice and physical demeanour, in short, the unique ambiance of these sessions.

The DVD is in NTSC format.


Comments by people who purchased this DVD:

“Re-creates, for me, the wonderful feeling of being in Mandali Hall listening to Eruch.”









Meher Baba’s Call

On September 12, 1954, in Ahmednagar, India, Meher Baba gave His Call to humanity.  Baba is seen giving darshan to large numbers of people, and also washing the feet of the poor as part of his spiritual work.  The film is narrated by Darwin Shaw, an early close Western disciple of Meher Baba, who witnessed these events first-hand and shares his impressions of this special time.  Meher Baba’s Call gives one the feeling of what it was like to be in the presence of Meher Baba during such gatherings.

The DVD is in NTSC format.










Padri (Faredoon Driver) was 18 years old when he met Meher Baba in 1922.  He oversaw the construction and maintenance of buildings at Meherabad, where Meher Baba's body was entombed in 1969.  Baba called Padri one of the "Four pillars" of Meherabad.  Padri is interviewed in this film at Meherabad in 1981 and 1982 by Gary Kleiner.

The DVD is in NTSC format.









The Ancient One – Meher Baba’s Last Public Darshan

The Ancient One brings you into the scene of Meher Baba's darshan for his Eastern lovers in Poona, India during the first week of May, 1965.  The film footage, shot by Meher Baba's brother Behram with photographs taken by His sister, Mani, is narrated by Jim Meyer.  Excerpts from Mani's Family Letters describing the darshan are read by Jane Barry Haynes.

The DVD is in NTSC format.









To Be Natural

Eruch Jessawala, one of Meher Baba's most intimate disciples, first met Meher Baba in 1925 when he was nine years old, and came to stay with him permanently in 1938.  In the years that followed until 1969 (when Meher Baba dropped His body), Eruch was Baba's personal attendant and His companion on trips all over India and around the world.  In later years, Eruch spent much of his time talking to pilgrims about Meher Baba's life and work.

In this 1982 videotaped session recorded at the Trust Office in Ahmednagar, Eruch offers insightful answers to questions asked by Gary Kleiner.

The DVD is in NTSC format.









Welcome to my World

Mani Irani, Meher Baba's only sister, is interviewed by Gary Kleiner as she describes and demonstrates Meher Baba's expressive hand gestures.  Meher Baba began keeping silence in 1925, and used his own unique gestures to communicate after giving up the use of the alphabet board in October, 1957.

The DVD is in NTSC format.









When Merwan Grew Up

This is a unique film, written for children and made by Bob Fredericks with the children of the Meher English School at Meherabad, India. The project was conceived by Bob and Mrs. Stella, the principal of the school, to teach students about Baba’s life of love as the God-man.

The students created the vibrant artistic images of Baba used in the film, and Bob Fredericks masterfully melds these refreshing images of Meher Baba into photographs and film footage of Baba. A 12-year-old boy from the school skilfully narrates this film with exquisite natural expression in lilting articulate English. The film tells of Meher Baba's life and work in a simple manner, and its simplicity turns out to be the perfect telling. What did Merwan grow up to do? To help all to love God.

Lively music, colourful images and expressive narration make this an excellent film for children but also for anyone of any age to learn about the life and work of Avatar Meher Baba.

A wonderful introductory film for sharing. About 30 minutes long. Great music by Richard Piekoff, Bob and Jane Brown, and Bob Holdt. A bonus feature is included: "How the Film was Made", with Mrs. Stella Manuel, Bob, and the children of Meher English School.

This DVD is in NTSC format.


Comments by people who purchased this DVD:

“OK, but don't feel drawn to watch it more than once.”

“I enjoyed watching it, but it was made for a specific audience, Indian children and their parents, so maybe wouldn't be such a good introduction to Baba's life for Western kids.  It was very well done, though and the music for the film was good.”









You Alone Exist

Dictated by Avatar Meher Baba to his close disciple Bhau Kalchuri, this stunning prayer-poem expressively describes the all-pervading nature of God through many attributes, from simple to sublime.  Jim Meyer composed and recorded the soundtrack, which provides the upbeat foundation for this prayer-poem celebrating the oneness of existence.  Produced and directed by Peter Nordeen, this 24 minute music film features a number of rare film clips of Avatar Meher Baba creatively woven together by film editor Robert Fredericks in tandem to the rhythm of the musical prayer.

About this poetic prayer Avatar Meher Baba commented:  “I like this prayer because it tells people who I am, what I am. People do not know who or what I am, and so they need this prayer to know me, to understand me.  I gave this prayer to them….A day will come when they will know this….In the future this prayer of Mine will be sung in every house throughout the world…”

This DVD is in NTSC format.


Comments by people who purchased this DVD:

“I watch it again and again, and enjoy it more each time.”

“Everyone just loved it”

“It's one of everyone's favourites I reckon.”

“Here's an audacious 'musical' that's right out of the box. Quietly builds a momentum and intensity that spins one's heart into pure rapture & awe.  Really works from the inside out. When no explanation is likely to suffice then do check this out! Though be warned, it's definitely not head gear.”

“I like this film as it is both serious and lighthearted at the same time.  The editors have tried to create a flowing visual feast, which sometimes works and sometimes appears amateurish. Overall this is a good film to have in ones collection, that rewards with rewatching.”





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