View from Avatar's Abode


View from Avatar’s Abode


Meher Baba Film and Video Project


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As of July 2012


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An introductory film produced in Australia, 1978.


Produced by long-time Australian follower Bill Le Page, this short film is full of footage of Meher Baba, and clearly states who he is.


DVD-R – NTSC.  14 minutes, colour.




Sold out.


  Scenes from the East-West

  Gathering, Guruprasad,

  Meherabad, Pune.

  Introductory narration with

  Meher Baba quotes.

Avatar Meher Baba's Mandali and Beloved Mehera

Footage from Paul Comar’s 1971 India visit.


Silent film of the Mandali in Meherazad, Meherabad and Ahmendnagar during the early 1970’s.


DVD – PAL.  95 minutes, colour.



Sold out.


  Meher Baba photo gallery.

  Film footage of Mehera, Mani,

  Rano, Goher, Arnavaz, Adi,

  Bhau, Eruch, Aloba, Meheru,

  Padri, Nariman, Francis, Mansari,

  Mohammed (the mast).

  Footage of Meherazad Garden

  and Seclusion Hill.

  Photos from Paul’s revisits in

  later years, including still pictures

  of Pendu and Bal.

  Museum displays.


Eternal Beloved

A very special and intimate portrait of Meher Baba.


Using beautifully restored colour footage of Meher Baba, the film captures the warmth, humour and compassion of the man whose love has touched so many hearts.  Three of His close disciples give personal accounts.


DVD-R - NTSC.  40 minutes, colour.


A long-time favourite of many people.



Sold out.


  Film footage of Baba, meeting and

  greeting people, giving darshan.

  Film footage of Baba's tomb shrine.

  Meher Baba's messages on love,

  silence, and service.

  Mani Irani talks about Baba's

  gestures, His divinity.

  Dr Goher Irani talks about Baba's

  beauty, His fragrance,

  His compassion.

  Eruch Jessawala talks about Baba's

  coming, giving darshan, His

  unconditional love, His suffering,

  His humanness.



God In Human Form

Comprehensive biographical documentary.


Rare photographs, film footage and unique selections of music are woven together to present a clear perspective of Meher Baba’s most remarkable life.


DVD – NTSC.  65 minutes, colour / b&w.







Sold out.


  Baba’s parents and childhood,

  the Perfect Masters, God

  realization, early disciples, His

  silence, Prem Ashram, trips to the

  West, Mehera, work with masts

  the poor & lepers, fasts and

  seclusions, the New Life,

  car accidents, mass darshan

  programs, the book “God Speaks”,

  proclaiming Himself as the Avatar,

  Three Incredible Weeks, the Final

  Declaration, the East West

  Gathering, hallucinogenic drug

  perils, deteriorating health,

  work completed, dropping the

  body &  interment.



Wide-ranging introduction to Meher Baba.


Introduction to Meher Baba, featuring historical footage of Meher Baba,  interviews with close disciples and scenes from the 1976 Amartithi.  Australian production.


DVD-R – NTSC.  50 minutes, colour.



Sold out.




  Historical footage of Meher Baba,

  with narrations by Eruch Jessawala,

  interwoven with scenes from 1976

  rural India.

  Interviews with Mani, Padri and


  Scenes from the 1976 Amartithi

  with pilgrim interviews.

  Songs by Pete Townshend, Jeff

  Mylett and Richard Lockwood.

  Performances by Indian children.

Happy Birthday Darling Mehera

A celebration of Mehera's 100th birthday.


A special tribute to Mehera, first shown in Meherazad Mandali Hall as part of the birthday celebration, honouring her one-pointed love for Baba, her own natural beauty, her charming sense of humour, love of good fun, and much more.


DVD - NTSC.  35 minutes, colour / b&w.




Sold out.


  Old and more recent still photos &

  film footage of Mehera, and Mehera

  with Meher Baba.

  Special episodes in Mehera's life

  with Meher Baba.

  Meher Baba's love for Mehera.

  Meher Baba recognising Mehera

  as His Radha.

  Recorded interviews and stories.

His Ways Are Unfathomable

Eruch in Mandali Hall.


Eruch Jessawala recollects many fascinating incidents from his life with Meher Baba.  Recorded during the 1991 pilgrim season.


DVD – NTSC.  64 minutes, colour.






Sold out.


  Maharani Mohini and her daughter

  English bulls

  Dr Daulat Sing in the New Life


  The seeker who couldn’t obey

  Baba’s human side and His divinity

Meher Baba's Call

Meher Baba's Call to humanity.


This powerful film gives an insight into Baba's work through the mass darshan programme in Ahmednagar, September 1954, and the "Three Incredible Weeks" that followed.  Narrated by Darwin Shaw, a participant.


DVD-R - NTSC.  34 minutes, b&w.



Sold out.


  Scenes from the 1954 mass dar-

  shan programme in Ahmednagar.

  Scenes from the "Three Incredible


  Messages given at that time:

  “Meher Baba’s Call”,

  “How to Love God”, excerpts from

  “The Final Declaration”.

  Darwin Shaw's personal impres-



Padri interviewed at Meherabad.


One of the "four pillars" of Meherabad at his pithy best in a series of interviews, in which he emphasizes the importance of obedience to the Master.


DVD-R - NTSC. 60 minutes, colour.




Sold out.


  The king and His slaves

  Literal obedience

  Building a room for Baba

  Scenes from Meherabad

The Ancient One

Meher Baba's last public darshan at Poona in 1965.


Baba's last public darshan at Poona in 1965 with a pictorial résumé of His Life.  The narration is based on Meher Baba's Universal Message and His sister's family letters.


DVD-R - NTSC.  30 minutes, colour.



Sold out.


  Darshan scenes, Poona 1965

  Excerpts from Mani's Family Letters

  Meher Baba's Universal Message

  Pictorial résumé of Baba's life

To Be Natural

Eruch lovingly opens his heart and soul.


Eruch Jessawala is interviewed in a 1982 videotaped session at the Trust Office in Ahmednagar, India.


DVD-R - NTSC.  48 minutes, colour.



Sold out.


  On talking about Meher Baba

  We are His instruments

  Hearing that voice within

  To be natural

Welcome to my World

Mani demonstrates Meher Baba’s unique hand gestures.


Mani Irani, Meher Baba's only sister, describes and demonstrates Baba’s expressive hand gestures.


DVD-R - NTSC.  35 minutes, colour.




Sold out.


  Meher Baba's hand gestures

  (35 minutes).

  Anecdotes by Mani (15 minutes),

  including an acting out of Baba's

  gestures to Jim Reeves' song

  "Welcome to my World".

When Merwan Grew Up

For children - made with the help of children.


A 12-year old boy from the Meher English School tells the story of Meher Baba’s life and work in a simple matter, illustrated by vibrant artistic images of Baba created by the students of the school.


DVD – NTSC.  30 minutes, colour.




Sold out.


  School grounds and students.

  Meher Baba’s life story, told by

  a student.

  Artwork created by students,

  creatively interwoven with photos

  and film clips.


  The making of the movie.

You Alone Exist

Prayer-poem, dictated by Meher Baba to Bhau Kalchuri.

Second edition.


Soundtrack by Jim Meyer.  Edited by Bob Fredericks in tandem to the rhythm of the musical prayer.

“This film is so uplifting, you may start dancing with a mast!”


DVD - NTSC format.  24 minutes, colour.




Sold out.


  “You Alone Exist’” prayer set to

  music by Jim Meyer, with film

  clips and still photos of Meher Baba

  creatively edited by Bob












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